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“I am not satisfied with myself that much. I’m not just saying that. I truly feel that I still lack in a lot of areas. Of course it’s not like there aren’t any times when I want to compliment myself… No, I guess I’m the type who grows through reasoning and scolding rather than compliments. I listen to people’s opinion but my own evaluation is more important.”

-Choi Minho-

Ooookay. Well.

I went to Giffoni again, to see Alan Rickman. I told you, remember?
Today was a very very much better day than saturday with Matt Bomer. But I have to say something: I was sitting at the end of the “theatre”, and I wouldn’t see anything if he didn’t stand up. ( Idk if it’s correct okay? I’m going crazy with this fucking grammar ). He says “Can I stand up? I think not everyone can see me.”

So, if he didn’t do this, I’d see nothing as for Matt, exepct for his enter. (same)

Alan, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this.

Anyway, this is my video and… He just walked next to me fdihfdio. Ok stop, I’m too excited./?
I’m sad because I didn’t see Matt, but anyway Alan was so great and nice and I want to say a big THANK YOU.

But I hate Giffoni anyway, because of its disorganization, sry. </3

PS-I did not use zoom… That was the real distance between me and him!!

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